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is your nearest The Capital Grille based on your current location.

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Laura, I’m so happy to hear that you found the post to be helpful and also that it came across in a way that was easy to understand. I spent hours mulling over every word and editing in hopes of making it as clear as possible. Warms my heart to hear that it resonated with you! Thank you for taking the time to comment. <3

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Lynn Robinson says

Hi Ashley – What a beautiful exercise! So proud of you for holding to you best and highest. What a wonderful contribution you’re making in the world. I honor your courage. Keep going! PS – And thanks for mentioning me and my book, too. Love you!

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Thank you for this, Lynn. Reading your comment was like receiving a cozy, affirming hug to the soul.

And my pleasure mentioning the book—I recommend it to anyone who will listen these days! <3

Lots of love to you, too!


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Okay, My Beautiful and Amazing Daughter, you made me cry at least 4 times as I read through this. First, because you were subliminally paying attention to those audio programs I played in my car, Second, because your 3rd grade teacher was right, you are a gifted writer! Third your explanation of ego vs intuition. (I’ve been on a journey to try to figure this out most of my adult life) Fourth, the reminder of Wayne Dyer sending me a stack of his books. Okay, I have to add one more because the fact that you have attracted the attention of Lynne Robinson! I’m almost finished with her book Divine Intuition and you’re right, she is amazing! I love you! Mom

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Thanks mom! 😉I’m glad you made Ashley listen to the subliminal tapes and also delighted you like Divine Intuition!


Haha, those tapes really did leave a lasting impact! Even though we were always a bit resistant at first! :)


Love you so much, mom. Thanks for everything you did, you do, and you will always do. You’re an inspiration. <3


Sofie says

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The $18 million in general fund spending the town is asking voters to endorse might seem to the frugal as too high a price tag for a new town center. But according to town officials, including City Council members with a solid track record for fiscal responsibility, the town is in such good financial shape that planned and needed capital improvement projects -- including fixes to drainage problems and improvements to roadways and the park -- will not be affected. And it should be noted that the town last year downsized an earlier plan for the center, shaving off about 3,200 square feet of building and $2 million in costs.

A new town center for Atherton is long overdue, and the plan will not place an onerous financial burden on the residents who will benefit from it. Vote yes on Measure A.


Like this comment

Why does the tiny town of Atherton need a new civic center?!? What a waste of money. Seems taxpayer dollars could be spent on something more worthwhile that would benefit more people than are currently using the civic center there now. Just saying...

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pearl: you clearly haven't been to the run down dilapidated buildings the town has been using. They most certainly need new buildings.

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I have to tip my hat to the supporters of Measure A. By using their connections, money, and muscle (APD), they have successfully reframed the issue into if you're not in favor of spending more than $50M on a new town center, it means you are in favor of the current structures. A little bit like saying your wife's car is 20 years old, so unless you replace it with a Rolls Royce, you still want her to drive around in a broken down old car. What about just getting the Toyota Corolla that would serve the purpose and not take more taxes from the hardworking people in this town? The Almanac seems to have had a drink of the same Kool Aid. Too bad for us, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. The debt will be large.

Email Town Square Moderator
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@Reframing If the supporters really had strong connections, money, and muscle, they would have been able to fundraise all the money needed for the town center. They wouldn't take a chance on a public vote. If there's a building plan that's cheaper with the same functionality, then opponents should present the alternative vision in detail. Otherwise, they are just selling vaporware. And the tactics being used are capitalizing on fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). I believe that's the reason you are seeing more support for Measure A.

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